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Improved liquid zeolite

"Pure Body Extra" spray type was released by Touchstone Essentials, USA.

Touchstone · Essentials Company

2012 was founded in North Carolina State Raleigh, USA. Address PO Box 33685 Raleigh, NC 27636
President: Eddie Stone
co-founded Waiola Company.
He served as vice president for seven years.

Main features of PBX pure liquid zeolite
● The size of zeolite particles became the nano level, and the effect became bigger.
● Odorless taste is colorless and transparent now.
● It became a spray type, absorption into the body became faster.
● Even if you put it in your eyes it will not hurt.
● Prices are cheaper than ever.

Developer of PBX pure liquid zeolite
Dr. Tracy Holdford. Has a degree in chemical science (chemical science) including inorganic chemistry, biology chemistry and doctorate in atomic physics.
He worked for the Pentagon of the US for many years. Zeolite research has been in over 30 years. President of Touchstone Essentials' Scientific Advisory Committee.

Manufacturing plant
In accordance with cGMP (Proper manufacturing standards) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturing and quality assurance procedures are manufactured at plants that meet the standards.

Manufacturing process
Collect zeolite from mine, mechanically atomize it, and process tens of micron particles to 30 ~ 50 nano with the latest ultrasonic technology.
Micronized powder will eliminate heavy metals and other hazardous substances by special techniques.
After the final process, put the clean zeolite inside the crystal into ultrapure water.
PBX pure liquid zeolite goes into 100% blood.

Particle size of PBX pure liquid zeolite
Because particles are extremely small size of 30 to 50 nanograms, all zeolite enters body fluids and blood and penetrates to the cell level. This size is said to be the world's smallest level. As a result, the poisoning effect of PBX pure liquid zeolite has greatly expanded compared to other zeolite products.
Zeolite is a mineral made by ancient times the lava flowed by the explosion of the volcano encountered sea water and caused a chemical reaction. PBX pure liquid zeolite is a type of zeolite, minerals such as clinoptilolite (diagonal petiolite) are used.
(Oblique petiolite zeolite) is characterized by a hexagonal molecular structure and is strongly charged negatively, so "lead" "mercury" "mercury" "cadmium" "arsenic" etc. are charged strongly plus Of "heavy metals and hazardous chemical substances" "radioactive substances such as cesium" effectively. And, it is discharged naturally externally as it is safely via feces, urine, sweat and the like.

Safety of zeolite
Zeolite has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for GRAS (glass). FDA's GRAS approval is known as the world's most toughest approval. Selling in Japan will be purchased by private import from the US until marketing permission from the country is obtained.


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Academic research paper on antiviral action of zeolite
Pyramidal Petroleum Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) used in PBX active liquid zeolite has a remarkable antiviral effect. The following papers introduce the summary released in 2004 by Dr. Magdalina Grce (left) and Dr. Krešimir Pavelić (right picture), Senior Scientist Ludder Boscovic Institute in Croatia.
"The purpose of this study is to evaluate the antiviral properties of natural, non-toxic clinoptilolite zeolites.

 The micronized zeolite induced a significant inhibitory effect on virus proliferation against human adenovirus, herpes virus and human enterovirus (coxsackie virus and echovirus).
 Our prediction shows the possibility of therapeutic application of fine powder zeolite for either local (skin) to herpes virus infection or oral or enterovirus infection in case of adenovirus.

 Clinoptilolite is a non-toxic zeolite with a monoclinic structure and ion exchange properties that are natural substances, symmetrical and strongly adsorptive. These properties have been widely used in industrial, agricultural, environmental and organic technologies. The biological activity of zeolite's positive natural clinoptilolite is its antimicrobial action and antibacterial activity.
 Clinoptilolite used in this study has antioxidant and immunoactivating effects. It has been used as an adjunct to anticancer treatment.

 Clinoptilolite was administered by gastric intubation to inject mice melanoma cells which markedly reduced the number of melanoma metastases. Clinopterolite treatment of mice and dogs suffering from various tumor types has led to improved overall health, life-prolonging effect, and reduction in tumor size. Topical application of clinoptilolite of some dog skin cancer effectively reduced tumor formation and proliferation.

 Adsorption qualities and ion exchange properties of clinoptilolite are also effective for viruses. The mechanism of fine powder zeolite action in different types of viruses is more interesting than conventional antiviral drugs. Inactivation of viral particles by nontoxic and orally administrable fine powder zeolites is of great interest for viruses that infect the gastrointestinal tract such as enterovirus and adenovirus.

 The fine powder zeolite can be used as a natural anti-diarrhea drug.
Herpesvirus can be lifelongly latent in organ transplant patients and AIDS patients, in particular immune disorders, after a primary infection that can be reactivated. Mutations that are normally resistant to herpes virus infection appear, but fine powder zeolite is a new effective and inexpensive drug that helps virus control without appearance of tolerance.

 In addition, fine-powder zeolites can be locally applied to the skin as creams or gels for suppressing recurrent herpes simplex and genital herpesvirus infection, which is often very mental and physically extremely painful. Has shown the possibility of therapeutic application of fine powder zeolite either locally to the herpes virus infection (skin) or orally in the case of adenovirus or enterovirus infection .
The fine powder zeolite can be used for purification of drinking water contaminated with different viruses. "

* It is inferred that the diagonal petitolite used in the study (clinoptilolite) is from Brandu of Serbia, but it is finely pulverized but most of it is not small enough to enter the blood . Moreover, it is presumed that it is not activated for filtration inside the crystal, so it is expected that using Touchstone's PBX activated zeolite with 100% flowing into the blood will give better results. Touchstone's "PBX activated zeolite" will be a great sideboard as a means to combat various infectious diseases and the novel influenza virus.


Alex Lee Medical Doctor 
Dr. Alex Lee has been accredited in internal medicine and gastroenterology and has worked as a
medical associate professor at UCLA. He advocates the meaning of preventing many of the chronic
diseases seen too frequently in patients, encourages the choice of healthy eating habits and life-
style habits. Also, as part of a healthy lifestyle, we use and recommend "Touchistone Essentials"
products. This article is created for the purpose of acquiring information only. All opinions
here are Dr. Lee's personal opinion and he has not received any reward for this article in any way.

Doctors know that the accumulation of pollutants, toxins, heavy metals and other carcinogens
can have catastrophic effects on our bodies. Even if we do our utmost to minimize contact with
them, we are at risk from the breathing air, drinking water and the presence of food to eat.

Certainly diet and lifestyle changes, and taking healthy, low-fat diet rich in dietary fiber
and antioxidants will help alleviate part of the overall risk. But it is clear that dieting
and living tweaks are not enough.

Factors such as household detergent chemicals, toxic ingredients in skin care products
routinely used, water, heavy metals that are included in meals and increase the risk of
chronic diseases such as cancer are generally beyond our manageable range I will.

What do you think if you are minerals with substance hand properties that capture, inactivate,
and eliminate toxins, heavy metals, pollutants such as nitrosamines and nitrites from your body?

Who will benefit from such minerals? The answer is easy, everyone!

As a doctor working at the scene, prevention of chronic diseases is a much better choice than
post-hospitalization and surgical procedures, and we are well aware that reliable high cost
effectiveness is expected. Prevention is clearly the best form of health insurance that you
and your family can get. Mineral zeolites are breathtaking in the science and medical community
due to the natural ability to capture and remove heavy metals and toxins in the body.

The fact that zeolite clinoptilolite is 100% safe, non-toxic and easy to use has been proven
in numerous studies. Natural products that can not be prescribed are indispensable as part of
a healthy lifestyle.

There are many zeolite products currently on the market, but even among them, it is the product
called pure body extra that meets the strict criteria required by medical staff.

Purebody extras distinguish themselves from other products. A proprietary technology pursuing
comprehensive testing by a third-party independent research institute and rapid absorption into
the bloodstream ensures the efficiency of detox in the whole body. This is a particularly impo-
rtant point, as heavy metals and toxins are isolated and accumulated in the body fat and tissues.

Pure body extra is not a medical item, it has zero side effects and can be used safely on a
daily basis. Since it is a simple delivery method, it is easy to harmonize partly with everyday.
Now that medical costs are soaring, Pure Body Extras are offering affordable solutions to the
many environmental risks we face today.Dr. Alex Lee "Toxin and Health"


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Main function and characteristics of zeolite
 Our lives have become convenient and comfortable compared with the past, but as a matter of fact it is filled with chemical substances and it is said that from huge breath without knowing harmful chemical substances and hazardous heavy metals that are said to be several tens of thousands kinds every day From the mouth, from the skin etc into the body, I decided to live a life to keep on. Radioactive substances have become a major problem recently. Accumulated harmful substances take away health as mercilessly as a toxin in the body. It is no doubt that most of the diseases we are seeing are caused by such toxins.

 A few years ago, a chemist with a small chemical company in the state of Ohio in the United States of America attracted attention to minerals called anciently formed zeolite, activated by removing toxins and impurities in the crystal, and the micronized zeolite was activated by toxin I discovered that it has an effect of surprisingly restoring the body damaged by enormous damage. Since the contained ingredients are only purified crystals of purified zeolite and water, there are no side effects or toxicity at all, so you can use it with confidence to newborns, children, pregnant women. Liquid zeolite has an unexpectedly powerful detoxification action to remove heavy metals and harmful substances from every part of the body including the brain, to prepare the immune system healthily, to make the pH balance in the body the ideal weakly alkaline It is working to improve various bodily disorders by arranging it in the body.

 Liquid zeolite is a kind of zeolite and uses mineral such as oblique petroleum zeolite (clinoptilolite). Zeolite is a mineral made by a chemical reaction when lava and seawater flowed out of an ancient volcanic explosion met, and the main component is silicon oxide 68% and aluminum oxide 13%. In China and elsewhere we have already used it as a traditional medicine over 800 years ago.

 Zeolite (zeolite) rock is widely used because it exchanges metal ions and adsorbs water, so its use is wide, for example, by changing the hard water to soft water by using the properties of ion exchange, It is used to remove water in petroleum by using the property of adsorption or to improve soil. Activated liquid zeolite activates its zeolite in a special way, it is in liquid form and has the effect of poisoning against heavy metals accumulated in the body, chemicals and pollutants, and adjusts the pH balance in the body to an ideal weakly alkaline I will work.

 In 1756, a Swedish mineralogist first discovered a type of zeolite called Stillbite. It was named after the Greek Zeo (boiling) and lite (stone) because it seems to foam as if boiling as this mineral is attached to boiling water. More than 52 kinds of zeolites have been discovered so far, and for nearly 200 years, zeolite has been regarded as one of uncertain small mineral groups, but there are many advantages for its unique and complicated crystal-like framework It has been noted that there is a detoxification (detoxification) effect.

 The zeolite referred to as liquid petroleum zeolite (clinoptilolite) used in liquid zeolite is characterized by a honeycomb hexagonal molecular structure and has a cavity of 4 to 7 angstroms (1 angstrom = 1/10 nano) in size Because heavy metals and impurities are clogged at the time of mining in the part of, it cleans cleanly and removes it safely. Such activated zeolite is charged strongly and negatively charged strongly positively charged heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and harmful chemical substances, radioactive substances such as cesium more effectively adsorbed There is an action to take in. And, it is discharged naturally externally as it is safely via feces, urine, sweat and the like.

Main function and characteristics of activated liquid zeolite
Main action of activated liquid zeolite
● Detox action Remove heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and harmful chemicals safely from the human body.
● Antiviral & antibacterial action
Get viruses and bacteria into pores of zeolite and remove them from the body to prevent colds, influenza and food poisoning.
● Normalizing action of pH (pH)
Keeping the pH of weak alkaline adequate, making cancer healthy body environment that virus and bacteria are hard to occur early, helping to prevent various diseases.
● Normalizing action of the immune system By keeping the immune system healthy by removing toxins and chemical substances from the body that have a good influence on the immune system and hinder the normal functions of immunity.
● Anti-allergic action: It alleviates symptoms of various food allergies and environmental antigen allergies, because it has the property of removing allergens from the blood and digestive organs before the body reacts.
● Antioxidant activity
It helps maintain health and prevent aging by removing active oxygen.
● Antidepressant action Helps to generate melatonin and helps to make your feelings brighter.
● It has a function to capture excess protons in the digestive tract and reduces the risk of gastric acid reflux.
● Improve nutrition absorption in the digestive tract and increase absorption of other dietary supplements used.
● Because of absorption in digestive organs, it has the property of stopping diarrhea.
● It has surprising results in treating diseases related to life and death and diseases weakening the body.
● Others
burns, bruises, cuts, muscle pain, insect bites and so on are also effective.

Substitution action  
Zeolite has a substitution effect, it first adsorbs from strong (+) charged heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and cesium, then attracts harmful chemical substances . The power to retain essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium charged slightly (+) is very small, and even if it is sucked into crystals by zeolite, strong (+) charged heavy metals and harmful chemical substances It is replaced by the crystal, it is taken out from the crystal, and it finally remains in the body.

Appropriate amount
Divide 12 sprays a day in several divided doses. Please increase the amount according to the symptoms. You can also sprinkle directly on the affected area for burns, but also for cuts, bruises and so on.

Emit hazardous substances
 It acts to remove harmful substances and toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides, dioxin, PCB, furan and phthalate. By poisoning these harmful substances, the internal system will be strengthened and you will regain a healthier body. A terrible thing, pollution in the body has a huge negative effect on the fetus as well. According to the research, when examining 10 umbilical cords collected from the Red Cross, average 200, many have 287 industrial chemicals and pollution, 180 are carcinogens, 217 are brain and nerve Of 208, harmful to the animal was deformed. In other words, it turned out that we were born contaminated.

Body pH (pH) balance
 An important key to preventing cancer and other diseases is pH (pH) balance in the body. I am trying to keep my body weakly alkaline. This is because it is best suited to the survival environment. Normally, healthy cells are kept in a slightly alkaline state with pH of 7.35 to 7.45 by the action of various buffer systems of the human body. When the balance collapses it tries to balance until taking out important calcium from the bone and weakening the bone. Dr. Otto · Walburg, who received the Nobel Prize in Germany, found out that the environment where the cancer produces energy necessary for cancer growth is in a state where the pH is inclined to acidity about 80 years ago. Cancer cells do not like oxygen and without the aid of mitochondria ferment lactic acid by the system of "glycolysis system" to make energy, but this system moves most efficiently when pH is low, in acidic state It is said to be there. Unfortunately, in contemporary society, it is placed in a good condition to produce acidic substances in the body such as food, pollution, environmental pollution, chemicals, stress. In an environment of excess acidity which is far from weakly alkaline environment which is the ideal of the body, zeolite is expected to be useful because it causes problems such as lower immunity, digestion failure, muscle loss, cardiovascular defects, etc. I can do it. It is because it adsorbs protons (protons) of positive (+) charged hydrogen ions. Digestive system can help digestion by helping excess stomach acid. In addition, it also adjusts the pH balance in the blood, so it reduces the purulent inflammation induced by systemic bacteria. Abnormal cells such as bacteria and cancer prefer acidic environment, so if you help getting the pH environment inside the body with zeolite, it will increase nature and healing power and not strain your body.

Work on virus

 Viruses replicate cells by their genetic transmission, proteins, body parts and so on. The shape of the final virus will be created by accidentally combining what each charge has made. Research has confirmed that zeolite interferes with this process, thereby interfering with virus formation and binding. In other words, it reduces the risk of viral colds and flu. According to academic papers by Croatian experts, it has been proved that diagonal petitolite (clinoptilolite) has an outstanding antiviral effect that can counteract various viruses.

Other good responses 
 Although it is person, symptoms such as allergy, joint pain, damage from free radical (active oxygen), indigestion, herpes zoster, hepatitis, stomach acid hyperacidity are alleviated, become clear nasal cavity, respiratory system and mental clearance Many other experiences such as improving bowel movements, deepening sleep, becoming less fatigue, etc. have been issued.

Revolutionary reaction  
 When starting to drink liquid zeolite, malfunctions such as drowsiness, mild headaches, diarrhea, dullness, body pain, rash, swelling, constipation etc, which were not usually seen, may appear as a reaction. It may also exacerbate the current symptoms or elicit hidden symptoms. For example, high blood pressure or hyperglycemic values may be higher than before. It is said that this is caused by the rapid migration of toxins in the body. However, we report that most people will feel better after the first poisoning than before. If it seems that a strong turnaround response occurs, please drink the water well and reduce the amount until the symptoms subsides, please gradually return to the original amount while seeing course.

Animal test  
 There are a number of studies that showed that zeolite can be administered to animals to obtain beneficial effects. It is because zeolite binds to a specific toxin internally, and toxins can be removed from the body. From this, it has been reported that the growth of pigs fed zeolite supplemented bait improves and the reproductive performance of female swine has been reported, so please also give it to pets.


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Story telling : There are various stories, but it is personal only, it does not guarantee that a specific disease will heal. * There are many examples in which the result comes out early for this. There are also many cases that took more time, but I think that it is worth the try.
"Pet Detox Experience" (Dog)    

Cancer of the dog: (Female in his 60s in Tokyo) Although the veterinarian told me that a daughter who will be 13 years old at the age of cancer will not have much, but as long as you are drinking liquid zeolite, leukocytes The value of normal became normal, and now it is running around.

Dog of serious illness: (Female in his 40s) Last month, a patient who had a pet dog suffering from serious illness and received a sentence of death from a veterinarian came. I was crying and talking about grief and I was listening asking if I could do something, but I thought how it would be if you let me drink liquid zeolite. I gave it separately for my part. Today, the shadow of sadness disappeared completely from her face that was visited in 2 months and it was shining. To the contrary she began to talk. When I let the dog to drink it, I made a drink for only a few days a day, I began to stand up and gradually increased the amount and gradually made 3 drops, I was able to go out for a walk normally It seems that she got better enough to be pulled. Compared to humans, animals are easy to understand about any medicine, but all the people around her are surprised.

Dog died: (Kanagawa 40s female) I was told that the 7 - year - old female dog, who had been pretty, weakened by kidney disease and had it from the veterinarian for several months. Every time I treat it it costs 30,000 yen, so I thought that this was cheaper when I heard of liquid zeolite, and when I drunk quickly hematuria stopped at about 10 days, it started to eat well, it was frustrating My body became dull, and I got better so I could make a mistake.
The dog whose floating death was drifting: (Hiroshima 60's female) The 10-year-old dog Gorrow got cancer and got stuck in the stomach and weakened day by day. Even though I took a walk, I got to move and collapse on the way. I thought that all the family members are dearly pretentious dogs so I thought that I should not let them die And I was drinking liquid zeolite 2, 30 drops each morning, the evening and night, when I was dying, there was a death of death My face became bright and I was able to take a walk in good health.

Dog's cancer: (Hyogo 60's female) Although it was said that epithelial cancer was made in the mouth of a dog Popo a couple of years ago, it is said that from a veterinarian it will not have a half year, but if you keep drinking liquid zeolite Even now, it is flying around well.

Dog's cancer: (Saitama 40's female) Our dog is 13 years old and a female ladybird. Until now I have had cerebral infarction twice, my body was impaired, the movement was unnatural and I was almost bedridden. Although the veterinarian was giving up because it would be useless, even if the liquid zeolite and Agaricus product were given, it got worse after a turning reaction occurred on the 2nd day, but it became energetic within less than a week, The unnaturalness as before was gone, and my face looked changed as I became able to walk normally.

Cancer of the dog: (Gunma 60s female) There was a cancer of the size of the golf ball in the back of my friend's pet. It is also difficult to remove by surgery because it is close to the spinal column and it was the best condition to stop progress with medicine. I learned about Agari Goal at a visiting animal hospital, I immediately decided to tell this friend and drink it. I heard that it is effective to put it in the mouth directly, so in 2 weeks after recommending it and ingesting it, the cancer on his back has been getting smaller to a single place. Since it is possible that it will become smaller if continued as it is, friends said that when continuing to drink it continued.

Dog Liver Cancer: (Male in the 50's of Tokyo) When 13 cm of liver cancer was found in our dachshund, I was already at a loss as I could not handle it. In the head of October last year the tumor marker ALP was unbelievably abnormally high reaching 12000, but when I try to drink liquid zeolite from a pet companion, I will go to 585 one month later, 1 At the end of the month it fell sharply to 390 (normal value), and the cancer completely disappeared. This was truly amazing. The veterinarian said that liquid zeolite might have played a leader role, although it can not be scientifically explained. Talking to this acquaintance doctor, I was told that there was no cancer at first. I painted a wart like a wedge that was made at the anus of a dog several times and it fell short of it. I myself spend very comfortably because no pollen allergy comes out every year.

Dog Cancer Surgery: (Ehime 80's female) I have a small female dog that will be 11 years old, kind of Pomeranian. According to the veterinarian, the internal organs have been messed up, the cancer of the fist that was close to the anus could be removed but the veterinarian seemed to be in trouble because there was no meat that could be poured. I did not have any internal organs that surprised when I opened it after letting a few drops of liquid zeolite to drink for about a week before surgery. After taking a big cancer, I sewed the skin as it was, but now I have completely scratched and I became well.

Dog breast cancer: (Aichi 40s female) Last October I found two of breast cancers that are one size larger than soybean for my 5 year old Miniature Dax. I got mixed with liquid zeolite and given it, it turned out to be a good turning reaction 3 days later, I had a lot of trouble with diarrhea and vomiting for a while. However, breast cancer was gone when asked to do the examination three weeks after starting giving.

Lump like large cancers on the neck: (Female in the 60s in Tokyo) My dog is an older dog who is over 80 years old if it is a human being, but a massive cancerous mass has been formed in my neck. After giving me liquid zeolite or putting it on a chunk, after a while a lot of holes like needles began to bleed and disappeared. I was saved a lot because I had to take me to a veterinarian for treatment and get medical insurance and I had to pay a very expensive treatment fee.

Dog's back tumor: (Male 50's female) There was a dog with a tumor on his back in the neighborhood, but when I was applying the liquid zeolite I fell short of it.

Dog's foot tumor: (Chiba 70s female woman) Since I put a scalpel in my body 20 years ago, I have been interested in health, nutrition and have tried various supplements. In August of last year I heard from my old acquaintance that people who work in the water and health industry have a supplement that will give out heavy metals and harmful substances from the body and start taking liquid zeolite with everyone in the family It was. I can feel that I have been getting well since I started taking it and it has become a body without a doctor who does not even catch a cold. As the cost of the veterinarian is high as my dog ​​also gets sick, I started taking liquid zeolite. At that time, tumor masses were formed on the hind feet (it is soft so it is not malignant?) Began applying zeolite directly, and furthermore to feed the liquid zeolite also to the feed or to mix 2-3 drops into the drinking water Where, the tumor that was so big became small enough not to mind. I am really surprised! From now on I would like to send a healthy everyday by taking a liquid zeolite by the whole family.

Dog's face fault: (Chiba 40's female) I have a 14-year old male Beagle dog. A few years ago I was having trouble making things in my face and nose. When I gave the recommended liquid zeolite one drop each time twice a day, the nose steadily got out of the nose for eleven days and stopped the day after coming out of the cuff, I am heading for improvement. As constipation came out as a turnaround reaction, I have an enema at an animal hospital.

Othematoma: (Osaka 40's female) I have a dog who is long with ears, but I often scratch my ears and smelling pus emerges, so I get to know that you have a disease called othematoma It was. When liquid zeolite was mixed in feed, it did not scratch my ears and pus also disappeared.

Prostate gland of dog: (Male in Hokkaido for 40s) An old dog that becomes 16 years old suffered from a disease of the prostate and weakened so much as to say "one". I let you drink two drops in the morning and the night, the urine goes very well and I became very well.

Smell of pet dog, cataract, glaucoma: (Female in his 50's) A dog is a seven-year old cavalier and the smell has become tight recently. I always felt asleep because I slept together, but as soon as I had liquid zeolite drink 2 or 3 drops a day, it stopped smelling. I had cataracts and glaucoma, so I dropped them one drop at a time directly in the eyes, the white part became smaller in 3 days, the dirty objects around the eyes were removed, the eyes had a sense of transparency. Even if you use medicine prescribed by a veterinarian, it is expensive at the most because it is expensive, so I stopped it all.

Dog who had been blindness: (Tokyo woman in his 40s) The right eye of a 13-year-old male miniature pincher had been blind for several years but from the summer of this year also the left eye became white as the film took on the left eye I got to catch things even when walking outside even in my house. I could not go up the stairs and caught carrying it and carried it, I thought poorly that I could not climb the chair. After introducing the liquid zeolite and putting it in the left eye which was cloudy and whitened white, the film was removed on the night of the next day and it became a beautiful eye, then it got no more hits and the stairs were able to cheer well It was.

Dog's Dry Eye: (Saitama 50's Female) Dogs who keep keeping their eyes sharply blinding and getting worried, because they are making pain, worried the veterinarian to see it as a dry eye It was. There was only ointment type medicine for dry eye and it was hard to put in the eyes. As I was burned and peeled my fangs, trying to eat three drops of liquid zeolite as food and eat it, the next day I will not flapping my eyes.

Trouble around dog's eyes: (Female 50's female) Nana (female dog) becoming one and a half years scratched around the eyes with itching, so it was as if the sea of blood was bad So, when I let the liquid zeolite drink 3 drops in the morning and the night, I stopped starving on the next day and it was quiet all day after a few days. Hair around the scratched eyes grew and returned to original in about two weeks.

Dog's cataract: (Hyogo 60's female) The eyes of the 11-year-old dog turned white and the ascent and descent of the stairs came to be unavoidable. Even though I took him for a walk, I was having trouble because I did not know where I should carry my stool and urine. If you give the liquid zeolite about 3 times a day or mixed it with feed, it will be like a black eye when it was born in the 10th, white climb ascending and descending stairs cheerfully There was no longer any difficulty when I took them. Appetite also came out and began to eat well.

Conjunctivitis Dog: (Female in the 60s in Tokyo) Dogs in the house have been feeling like conjunctivitis for about a week since around September this year, things like cotton have accumulated in the lacrimal gland. I attempted to use eye drops, but it has moved and can not be used. So I diluted the liquid zeolite from the sample in water, soaked it in the cotton and wiped off the affected part. For the finish, it was washed off with liquid zeolite aqueous solution that was plentifully contained in cotton. Without attaching anything, the symptoms were rebounding just by wiping off, but the cotton containing the liquid zeolite aqueous solution was tried only once, and did not have symptoms for about 5 hours. If I continue this method for 4 days, I have healed it neatly. (The number of times of use is morning and evening twice a day.) I am also drinking zeolite which was half-trusted.

Dog's Tin and Nausea: (Yamanashi 50's Female) There are 4 dogs in my house, of which the 9-year-old dog of two golden retrivers who have taken the age has renal failure and always feel nauseated and suffering And the 12 - year - old dog was suffering from heart failure and it seemed very painful. As soon as I drank a few drops of liquid zeolite introduced from the other person, the next day I got nauseated. The 12 - year - old dog got nursed overnight because it made me feel so much troubled two days after drinking, but the day after that I was feeling energized. Unfortunately, as the body was weakened over a long period of administration of anticancer drugs, even though two of them died a while afterwards, I think that it was good to remove even a bit of suffering.

Dog Epilepsy: (Female 50's Female) Although a 5-year old male Yorkshire Terrier was suddenly blowing foam suddenly and rigidly, it gets worse gradually, so if you take me to the vet and try it out It was diagnosed. Because medicine was prescribed, if it made me drink, side effects of medicine came out on the 4th day, it got blurred and it became like a gazing at the sky, soon after I let a few drops of liquid zeolite drink, I am fine I began to walk and stand.


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Dog mite: (Female in his 60's in Hokkaido) I found mites brought from my husband in the mountain between the eyes of my dog. Usually it is a person's attachment, but if you try to take it by pulling it out, only the head of the tick cuts into the skin and it remains, and it will become a task of having to operate and remove it at the hospital, so I painted liquid zeolite and saw it. When I painted 3 or 4 times, mites came out and I did not get cherished.

Dog bedsores: (Chiba 40's female) 14-year-old male Martinez has started to spread blood from the face 3 months ago and gradually spread to the hit of the chest. I think that it is probably because it has been infected with a bad bacterium, but it became in a state where I could not move and took him to the toilet as well. The feces did not come out at all and the veterinarian was in a completely hand-up state that there was a suspicion of cancer. Applying two or three drops of liquid Zeolite and Agaricus H1X1 each day, appetite came out in a couple of days, the feces came out frequently, I became able to walk standing in about a week. The way of blood stains has also come to a close, except for the face. I am amazed at the very fast recovery.

Dog bedsores: (Male in the 50s in Tokyo) The white Great Pyrenees, my 13 year old white, got sick and became sitting down. One day I seemed to have a pain, so I scratched the hair and looked at the waist, I found a big bed sores about 1 cm and I found a pocky hole. Immediately after placing dozens of drops of liquid zeolite in the hole and blocking with a large bandage plaster, meat rose from inside in around 3 days.

Old dog's cough: (Kanagawa 40's female) The 12-year old dog is already quite old with a lot of human beings, but the cough has stopped the next day the liquid zeolite was raised It was.

Dog's face fault: (Chiba 40's female) I have a 14-year old male Beagle dog. A few years ago I was having trouble making things in my face and nose. When I gave the recommended liquid zeolite one drop each time twice a day, the nose steadily got out of the nose for eleven days and stopped the day after coming out of the cuff, I am heading for improvement. As constipation came out as a turnaround reaction, I have an enema at an animal hospital.

Dog's Yodare: (Aichi 60's female) Our daughter who is 7 years old started to flow Yodare well. When liquid zeolite was mixed with bait and eaten, Pitato Yodare got stopped.

The dog whose hair has fallen: (Aichi 50s female) Terrier becoming 7 years old of Uchi gets out of the eyes around summer and comes out several months after the summer, so if you give a few drops of liquid zeolite, I got better after going back.

Helleroher's old dog cheerfully: (Osaka 50s female) My younger dog, Yorkshire Terrier was completely energetic and hello hero but if I give a liquid zeolite one drop a day, it will be fine after a week I was able to take a walk. The results of the urinalysis showed that the PH that was 8.5 was normal 7.0 and the protein was from - 1 -.

Dogs that did not stand up: (Chiba 40s male) The dog kept in our place suddenly sat down and became immovable. It seemed that I trembled my wrist with rolling back and endured the pain. Immediately after giving a few days of liquid zeolite for two days it was getting better on the third day.

Dog hernia: (Kyoto 20's male There are dogs of the kind Pomeranian in our house, but it took her age to keep her from getting older. From May 10 th two liquid drops of liquid zeolite When I began making him drink, in the beginning of June I bounced back and recovered to the fullest extent possible.

Dog's bloody stool: (Nagoya 60's male) Our dog is American Cocker Spaniel. Recently I started to improve my stool and my stool seemed thin and weak, so I stopped bringing my wife to the veterinarian, mixed a liquid zeolite into the feed and gave a few drops, then a few days The bloody stoppage ceased, the flight returned to normal thickness. I was saved because taking a veterinarian would cost a considerable medical treatment fee.

Summer Bat 's Dog: (Aichi 50s Female) My dog is bedridden as a gutter due to heat. As I got a liquid zeolite before taking me to the hospital, as I arrived at the hospital, I opened up my eyes and became energetic, as if nothing had happened.

Story telling : There are various stories, but it is personal only, it does not guarantee that a specific disease will heal. * There are many examples in which the result comes out early for this.
There are also many cases that took more time, but I think that it is worth the try.

"Pet Detox Experience" (Cat)   

Park 's Parkinson' s Disease: (Female in his 50s in Tokyo) Our cat is suffering from Parkinson 's disease and has begun to emit a terrible squealing voice. Especially in the middle of the night such as in the middle of the night bother troublesome neighborhood so if you are worried about getting started advice to see if you try a liquid zeolite and getting drunk quickly, then only slept like 2 weeks dead. After that appetite came out and it began to eat well, it began to crown normally. "Quietly" is said to be a cat with a good discrimination so that it stops properly even if it is sounding.

Stray cats and dogs irritated: (Female in their fifties in Gunma) Since I am a restaurant shop, I have customers reacting to zeolite and there are various reactions, so the eyes of the stray cats coming to my house are becoming crushed, Try a few drops on the bait, after a few days the eyes are patched! I am surprised! Also, it was not restless all the time, even a few drops of dogs who had just been barking turned out few barking, it became a calm gentle dog! The closer to the wild animal, the more the zeolite's power seems to be demonstrated! The best zeolite for both people and animals! I want to patronize you forever.

The cat that the poison has turned around in the body: (Female in his 40s) The male suddenly lost its energy and stopped eating anything, so if you inspected it, the poison has gone to the muscles and the gastrointestinal tract is badly done It was that it was. I was told by a veterinarian about a desperate condition. When I gave a liquid zeolite, on the third day I began to drink food and water and began to rejoice like the former.

Cats suffering from the kidneys: (Female in their 40s in Tokyo) The veterinarian told me that the female cat's kidney becoming 13 years old will not get bad so much, but if I had mixed liquid zeolite in the feed The creatinine value of the kidneys fell from 1.9 to 1.5 and regained. Because we have 4 cats at home, the money to pay to the veterinarian was pretty tough, but it has been a great help since it has become less sick from starting to drink zeolite. In case
* The normal value of creatinine is said to be 0.6 to 1.6.

Acute Renal Failure in Cats: (Female in the 40s in Tokyo) A 4 - year - old female cat is suffering from acute renal failure and the intestine jumps out, so I have to undergo surgery quickly. My eyes became invisible due to anesthesia after surgery and tears came out very poorly. The figure that pushed the head against the wall and endured the pain was very painful. The veterinarian said that I could not clear the blindness clearly, but as soon as I got a liquid zeolite more quickly I got better as I could see my eyes. I used to be bullied by other cats before but now I'm getting stronger and running around.

AIDS: (Shizuoka 60s male) A cat loves cat AIDS and is about to die. But if I gave a liquid zeolite I was able to get better by reviving well.

Cat AIDS: (Female in her 50's) I have ingested liquid zeolite since last September. I have been feeling strongly since inspiration quickly noticed the greatness of this liquid zeolite, but now I am with my own business and other business, I am familiar with myself and pet I only kept telling my information to my friends. In such a case, when I fed a liquid zeolite to a cat's feed, I was surprised to see that cats not at all disappearing with cat AIDS have seen and recovered. As the first phenomenon, the eye dander started to appear a lot first, and after 3 months I recovered until I got a cheerful cry. I mixed 3 to 5 drops into cat food and water. However, there was not much recovery from there, and when I was giving up on whether cat AIDS was impossible or not, I could recommend Agari gold from my friend. I can not believe it, but when I started giving agari gold to that cat, I went to the hospital regularly so far that the cat who was dripping was recovering so that I could not drip it is. Three drops directly in the mouth of that cat continued three times a day for one month, and it was able to recover completely to the state of intravenous drip unnecessary. Thank you very much.

Cat AIDS: (Fukuoka 40s female) A 1 - year old female cat was suffering from cat aids, but if she had mixed liquid zeolite for bait etc, it changed from positive to negative two months later. In addition, it seems that suffering ascites gathered due to FIP (cat infectious peritonitis), but it took off in 3 days after I started drinking.

Neko Aids: (Kobe 30's female) Kobe 30's female) I found a stray cat that was lacking on the roadside at the roadside. Stomatitis had a terrible runny and clearly showed symptoms of feline AIDS. I took it home and raised a few drops of liquid zeolite and it got better on the third day.

Cats lymphoma: (Cheryl · Bowler Brisbane Australia) I realized that a pretty cat is suffering from late stage lymphoma. Although it seems that it was infected when it was caught by other cats, it is difficult even to eat it because of a very swollen lymph node. I lost my weight by a quarter, it was lethargic and I did not even move. Although I was advised of chemotherapy, I refused an active liquid zeolite and it improved greatly in 2 months. Just with one slight swelling in my neck, my weight got back to health. Relatives who were very skeptical about zeolite are currently recommending it to others.

Cats' survival: (Hiroshima 50's men) In the meantime Kiyoka of a domestic cat survived from the deathbed. I was taken away from the doctor and immediately left the tip of the bottle of liquid zeolite in the mouth after I left the hospital and made 20 pills to drink with considerable strengthening with one push. For three days from the next day, 10 drops were taken 3 times / day, 5 drops 3 times / day in the next 3 days / day, after a week, it became healthy without any problems, so 3 drinking water Depending on multiple infections (leukemia, HIV, FIP, herpes), inflammation in the lungs and digestive tract, liver kidney function, white blood cell count 900, one week meal Without muscles falling with no muscles, the eyes remained almost closed with frustration. The next day when it let me drink, the fever fell considerably, I walked down and ate but I ate rice. The sharp recovery from then is awesome. Today, vitality reverts to the eyes, it is jumping with a strong appetite. I thought that miracles were exactly what happened. According to the doctor, it is impossible for the virus to recover completely, but I would like to do health care so as not to recur. Actually, brothers and cats of a generation ago died of the same illness, but because the amount of zeolite given at that time was obviously small, it was useless. This time I think that it was good to reflect on that and give it a little.
* FIP: cat infectious peritonitis,
* Herpes: cat viral rhinotracheitis


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cancer of the chin of the cat :( Osaka 50's female) I got cancer at my chin's chin and got drowned out of my eyes and blood mixed pus. I was told by the veterinarian that there would be only euthanasia but I was waiting for it to die and to die at home. As soon as he gave me 6 liquid drops of liquid zeolite I immediately stopped Yodare and Yodare. Until now I was able to eat crispy stuff myself on the 3rd day I was eating bait with eyedroppers. I gave it up to that dog when I got it as a gutter.

Cat skin cancer: (Fukuoka 40s female) A male cat on skin cancer lost all its energy and just caught on the window and looked out for 3 months. When you let me drink liquid zeolite, I regained my energy in a week and started to chase female cats vigorously.

Cancers in the cat: (Chiba 40s female) If the late cancer of the cat was raising the liquid zeolite, it disappeared in two weeks.

Cats' feet ... :( Osaka 40s female) Liquid zeolite is amazing! Have you been hit by a bicycle too? When Norako 's foot is gnuguunu, when I take him to the hospital, saying that she is said to be cut by surgery has become better with liquid zeolite. It seems to be an animal experiment in a good way, but I dropped one drop for meal in the morning and evening, two drops on the foot for 4 days, (It was only finished to drop 2 drops because it is Nora-chan). In the state where the lower shell is crushed and rotten from the heel of the right hind feet, the whole is pus with Gushugutsu, on the second day the eye Yani gets out and the eyes are filled so that both eyes are dead I slept all day. On the 3rd day my eyes patched open, I ate lots of rice, then I saw my legs, I got my feet to be able to wear it from the heel properly, the pushes disappeared and my hair grows surprised.

The dying cat was saved: (Hiroshima 40s male) There are cats of 17, 8 years old (over 90 years old in humans) at our house, but suddenly I lost my appetite a few days ago and breathed constantly It has become. I remembered the liquid zeolite as though I thought it would be a lifetime, I put it in a mouth only a drop. To the surprise the next day I was eating the food normally. After that we came close to me like everyday, opened my mouth and began to pour on liquid zeolite. When I gave it to the eyes of a dog often giving out obscureness, the lump did not come out one at a time.

Cats that seemed to die: (Female in their 50s in Osaka) Although they are doing esthetics for 18 years, the old cats of the house suddenly became weak as water and meal stopped suddenly. The veterinarian could not do anything, but when I tried to drink 20 drops of liquid zeolite at one time, it became healthy after a week and became able to eat normally. I had been drinking liquid zeolite before but I could not confirm the goodness because the roots are strong, but I could firmly confirm with this.

Injured Cat: (Saitama 40s Male) This is a man in Saitama who posted a story about a female cat who keeps at home before. In the last time, before the baby, the parent cat swollen in one breast, it became the size of purple and kiwifruit large, and became as it was after drinking liquid zeolite. This time, I fought with Nora cat and injured one eye. Pus started out from the eyes for more than a week, a lot of tears spilled down, and it remained semitransparent eyes for more than a month. As though I thought it was blind, when I dropped liquid zeolite every day, I gradually became transparent, I returned to my original eyes in about a week.

Cats big injuries: (Osaka 40s female) Our cats seemed to be hit by the car, the heel of the foot was messed up. I was going to be disconnected from the hospital when I took him to the hospital, so I tried drinking 1 drop of liquid zeolite a day and continuing to add 2 drops to the foot. On the third day I slept like a dead all day, but I could patch up the next day and be able to walk normally, and my hair grows.

Cat suited for a traffic accident: (Iwate 40s female) Our cat was injured in the leg in a traffic accident and dragged his hind leg. I was drinking liquid zeolite for 2 drops and watching the state, I walked normally the next morning.

I got well: (Saitama 40s male) The cat we keep at home is a year after birth, but I got pregnant and swollen one breast only one month before she gave birth to a kitty. It is a lump of purple and large size kiwifruit. Since I was listening to comments on animals of liquid zeolite, I put liquid zeolite that I loved in directly in my mouth. When I continued 10 drops a day for 5 days a day, I returned to the original as if there was nothing before and kittens were born safely.

Anorexia Cats: (Saitama 50's Male) Our love cat suddenly lost appetite and have not eaten anything for three days. When I got worried and raised the liquid zeolite, it got better just like raising the original just by raising it twice.

Three urinary tract stones: (Kobe 20's female) There are 9 cats in our house. Three of them became urinary tract stones and they seemed very painful, so if I had given a few drops of liquid zeolite drinking a day, the stones seemed to have disappeared and I felt no pain in a couple of days.

Cats' pollinosis: (Saitama 60s male) My housekeeper My male, one and a half years old, was pretty, so I stayed at home all the time I was born. I went outside for the first time the other day, but when I came back I had severe hay fever. When 3 drops of liquid zeolite is put on milk and allowed to drink, the symptoms of hay fever have disappeared in one shot. Zeolite is also very good for cats.

I sat on a cat. (Female in his thirties in her 30s) I carelessly heard a kittens on the sofa and carelessly sat on it. At that time, it seemed nothing at all, but it seemed to be dead soon the next day, so if you quickly drank a liquid zeolite, it became healthy and was eating after 10 minutes.

Leukemia of a cat: (Female in her 50's) My beloved pet has suffered leukemia. At that time I taught information on liquid zeolite and tried to mix pet food and drinking water with liquid zeolite for drinking. Was it somewhat progressing or was it getting worse day by day It became impossible to think about the situation now. Then I got another H1 X 1 Agari gold from my friends and gave that agar gold this time. I was advised to hang it directly in the mouth of a cat, so I did such a way to drink, but the cat was surprised to lick the licking and agari gold deliciously. Two weeks after starting giving Agari gold, a teacher at an animal hospital was also inclining his head, but miraculously leukemia had improved. I hope that I can surely recover if I keep drinking like this.

Cats' smell: (Kanagawa 60s female) I decided to take a cute Nora cat the other day and keep it at home. But because it is Nora-chan, it smells intensely, and as for the smell of manure, it was a stinky thing as it smelled like smelling in the room. I heard about the liquid zeolite with a detox effect, so I thought that it was possible to get a smell but I decided to continue to drink it in the water of a cat. I am surprised now, but I also got an intense smell, I did not care about the smell of manure almost, I did not notice even after I did not notice it. I was drinking dirty water because it was Nora, I think that the intestines were dirty and heavy metals were also accumulated, thanks to the liquid zeolite, it gradually became beautiful.

cat's bloody stool: (Saitama 50s female) The cat has broken a bad condition and started to bloody, but if you were mixing liquid zeolite into a few drops of feed, you will not have bloody stools in 4 or 5 days, became.

Eyeball that flew out of the cat: (Yamanashi 20's female) A 14 year old female cat got inflamed and the eyeball was popping out. If you give 2 drops of liquid zeolite to your eyes, on the next day the part that jumped out was removed and the eyeball was retracted back to the original position.

Bubbles I saw :( Kagawa 50's female) Since the eyes of my mother who is 2 and a half years old at my house were congested red, as soon as I poured the liquid zeolite, I cured it. Another day I noticed that a blister came out in my eyes. As soon as I looked at the liquid zeolite and looked at it, it was gone without a trace in the evening. I also suffered from acute empyema and became numb with half of my face hurting but I cured it when I was drinking liquid zeolite.

cat who lost appetite suddenly: (Hiroshima 40s male) There are cats of 17, 8 years old (over 90 years old in humans) in our house, but suddenly lost my appetite a few days ago and breath It has become ceaseless. I remembered the liquid zeolite as though I thought it would be a lifetime, I put it in a mouth only a drop. To the surprise the next day I was eating the food normally. After that we came close to me like everyday, opened my mouth and began to pour on liquid zeolite. When I gave it to the eyes of a dog often giving out obscureness, the lump did not come out one at a time.

Musko: (Male in his 50s in Tokyo) Because the kidney of 13-year-old male had only one quarter and the liver functioned only half of her, she spit well. It was said from the veterinarian that it is already a matter of time. As soon as I gave a drop, I immediately spit out two pillows and became healthy the next day.

Cat's pilling ball:. (Male in his 60s in Tokyo) Our cats have begun to spit pill. I gave up only 2 drops of liquid zeolite as I suffered over and over again soon I did not vomit.

Rigid cat: (Kumamoto 50s female) As the old cat at my house suddenly became rigid and began to cramp, I found that the end is near. I put a liquid zeolite in my mouth and my body became soft and became stiff and started to move, but I got to sleep quietly after a whole day.

Feline Allergy: (Male in the 60s in Tokyo) My granddaughter friend came to play at home and the eyes of his baby got red and itchy, so worry about what happened I knew that I had a cat allergy, because I had one cat in it, so it turned out that it was the cause.If you drop a liquid zeolite one drop at a time and see it in a while As soon as my eyes got restored, my itch was over and I was playing well.


 Pure Body Extra(Frequently Asked Question)
Q What is Pure Body Extras?  
Pure Body Escra is a spray type and will detoxify harmful heavy metals and toxins from your body in a natural way. Our breakthrough process has created a clear zeolite from clinoptilolite zeolite and pure water. It can be used safely and calmly on a daily basis.

Q What is the ingredient of Pure Body Extras?
There are only two
"Klino Petit Lawrite · Zeolite" and "Pure water". Pure Body Extras are non-preserved, gluten-free, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified) and are all natural.

Q What is the difference between "Pure Body" and "Pure Body Extras"?
Briefly, it is the granularity to distinguish between these products. The pure body has an average size of 0.3 microns, some are absorbed by blood flow, others are detoxified through the gastrointestinal tract.
Pure body extras are sized in the nanometer range and are small enough to fit inside the water molecule clusters and are completely absorbed by the blood flow. Colloidalized zeolite creates fast-acting detoxification supplements.

Q Can I take both "Pure Body" and "Pure Body Extras"?
Yes. The pure body provides the benefit of detoxifying the gastrointestinal tract and can be taken with a pure body extra that only provides systemic detoxification.

Q What is zeolite?   
Zeolite is a mineral formed by a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and seawater. They are like a honeycomb structure (or cage) and are the few of the minerals charged in the natural world with "-". Dimensional crystal structure of open pores or channels. There are over 50 kinds of natural zeolite used today and 150 types of synthetic zeolite.

Q How does zeolite work?
The porous "-" charge of the zeolite "cage" allows exchange of charged toxin to "+". Inside each zeolite are the light metals, "calcium", magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which are "+" charged and exchangeable charge, known as cations. Since these ions are loosely held, they are easily replaced (substituted) by a substance such as toxic heavy metal in a process called cation exchange (positive charge exchange). It is preferentially substituted for heavy metals of heavy metals in zeolite cages and heavy metals with strong "+" charges.

Q What toxin can be removed from zeolite?
Clinoptilolite • Zeolite is useful for removing heavy metals and positively charged toxins and volatile organic compounds. Lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive metal, nitrosamine (carcinogen produced from nitrite used as a coloring agent / preservative for ham and sausage), bisphenol A (used as raw material for plastics), benzene It is a colorless, volatile liquid that is a synthetic raw material for medicines, dyes, perfumes, explosives etc. Harmful by inhaling steam), pesticide · herbicide paraquat etc.

Q Can I take pure body extra with my supplement?
Yes! All dietary supplements are completely biologically available to the body and, unlike composites or isolates, produce weak "+" charges, but are repelled from the zeolite by cation exchange and are trapped It will not be.

Q What is the health advantage of zeolite?
"When heavy metals and toxins are removed, the body can function at an optimal level." By supporting the immune system, capturing free radicals and balancing the pH of the body, improvement of energy level , Stability of sleep, improvement of concentration and transparency, overall health feeling can be obtained. It is a natural mineral and zeolite is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement and pure body extra is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of disease.

Q Can kids take pure body / extra? 
Yes. Clinoptilolite zeolite is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) condition by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Please reduce the amount in proportion to the age and weight of the child.

Q Can pregnant women take pure body extra?
Petitolite zeolite is recognized as safe than GRAS (generally accepted as safe) by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), but several studies have been conducted on pregnant animals, but for humans It has not been studied. As with all supplements, please consult your health care professional.

Q Can pets use pure body extra?
Yes, all animals can benefit from Pure Body Extras. Because pets are often directly exposed to heavy metals and toxins on pavement or pesticide-treated lawn, you can benefit from detoxification. Simply spray on their mouth.

Q How long will the zeolite stay in my body?
Upon entering the body, the pure body extra immediately encounters the toxin and captures the toxin in the zeolite cage by cation (+) exchange. Because Pure Body Extras stay only 4 to 6 hours in the body, they do not accumulate. The Pure Body Extra lasts about 4 to 6 hours in the body before excretion through normal physical processes. Considering the short time frame in the body, the recommended intake of pure body extra is 3 times to 4 times a day for optimal detoxification.

Q Why is clinoptilolite zeolite used in pure body extra?
Clinoptilolite has been extensively studied for its efficacy and safety, and more than 300 papers are posted on the National Institutes of Health website ( Other zeolites have not been studied, most types of zeolites are inert and some are toxic.

Q Do pure body chestra remove harmful heavy metals as well as good minerals?
No, Pure Body Extras have affinity only for heavy metals and toxins. Clinoptilolite is a rare negatively charged mineral. Most toxins and heavy metals are charged strongly (+). A pure body extra, which is charged to a strong (-) attracts and traps a strong (+) charged toxin when passing through the body like a magnet. The special point of Pure Body Extras is that it is highly selectable and it is only to extract toxins. In its own cleansing process, the zeolite is filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Incorporating "bad" ions such as lead, "good" ions such as calcium are returned to the body. In short, there is no depletion of minerals. Good cation exchange of pure body and extra detox very safely and effectively.

Q Is there side effect on the collection of zeolite?
Clinoptilolite zeolite has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as generally safe (GRAS). Since zeolite attracts water to promote the detoxification process, ingesting clean water as much as 2 liters per day is recommended. If signs of dehydration (headache, fatigue) appear, if zeolite seems to be the cause, increase the water intake on that day and reduce the intake of zeolite.

Q How is zeolite absorbed in the body?
Pure Body Extras are completely absorbed in the blood stream and move with water in the body through a unique process that produces particle sizes in the nanometer range. Zeolite is absorbed through small intestinal villi (cilia which is not a cilia (cell organelle)) if it is of appropriate size. Most other zeolite supplements go to the colon for the most part because they do not have the smallest proportion of submicron particles and have only a limited detoxification effect.

Q If zeolite is formed from silicon and aluminum, can aluminum be released into the body?
No, there is no "free" aluminum in the zeolite. This is part of the molecular structure of the zeolite. This form of aluminum is completely inert and does not interact with the body in any way, as demonstrated in many studies. This has been further demonstrated by chemical analysis by a third party test, dissolving the zeolite cage using a strong acid mixture called Aqua Regia and showing the chemical composition of aluminum. Chemical analysis of the finished product showing bioavailability indicates that there is no aluminum available for zeolite. The molecular structure of the zeolite is not destroyed in the body. Zeolite is neither water nor oil soluble. Molecules can withstand high heat.

Q What kind of special processing is done for pure body extra? 
We nanoize the zeolite size and completely purify the zeolite to obtain effective detox potential. Third party testing is carried out in every way. The pure body extra zeolite has undergone a unique milling process to reduce the size of each zeolite "cage" to the nanometer range. Other suppliers simply mechanically crush the zeolite cage, damaging the cage and "destroying" the charge "-" causing the zeolite cage to completely
It will be invalidated. Pure body and extra are charged to strong (-) by our own processing. Pure Body Extra has a zeolite cage of the size best suited for absorbing harmful substances. It then purifies the zeolite with a multi-step, proprietary process that eliminates existing heavy metals and toxins from the zeolite cage and replaces them with exchangeable calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. When heavy metals and toxins are encountered, these calcium ions and magnesium ions are "exchanged" in the body and exchanged with toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium ions, etc., giving the body the inside. Still, the "amount" of calcium, potassium, magnesium or sodium taken into the body in exchange for toxins is so small that it is not thought to be a form of supplementation of minerals necessary for the human body.

Q Why is Pure Body Extra better than Powdered Zeolite?
In addition to the composition and cleanliness of the zeolite, its particle size is of utmost importance in determining the absorption of zeolite in the blood. Powdered zeolite has a large particle size, it is ineffective for systemic detoxification, and it is uncomfortable to drink powder water. Individual submicron particles (less than a millionth of a meter) are invisible to the naked eye. The proportion of submicron particles in the powdered zeolite can easily be lost in the air and move from the canister to water. The particle size of the nano-sized pure body extras guarantees optimal detoxification and its advantages are obtained.

Q Should avoid other zeolites with vitamins and minerals added?
To make an effective zeolite supplement, the pure body extra zeolite cage is filled with exchangeable cations of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Zeolite particles are put in pure water for pure body extras and are ready to detoxify your body. There are other zeolite donors that mix zeolite with liquid vitamins of synthetic vitamins and other substances. Synthetic vitamins can carry (+) charge. In addition, zeolite has affinity for harmful toxins, but zeolite is absorbed by weak (+) charged state for several months, zeolite absorbs these substances and it is effective in detoxifying the body It will be gone.

Q Do pure body extras remove dental fillings or hip replacement surgery?
No. Pure Body Extras simply capture and capture heavy metals and toxins floating in the bloodstream.

Pure Body Extra &  Pure Body



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